MSc Environment, Heritage and Policy

Past students

This programme began in 2013-14.

Miriam Eriksson
Joana Krogsrud
Jordan Lawson
Christopher MacKay
William Purdie

2014-15 Juan Ferrando Ortiz


Topic: The Preservation of the Heritage of the Battle of Levante from the Spanish Civil War

Supervisors: Dr Sally Foster and Dr Diego Palacios

My dissertation is aiming to explain why the vast heritage from the Battle of Levante, which was one of the major battles of the Spanish Civil War, has been neglected until the first decade of the 21st century. There are numerous bunkers, structures and trenches that are still visible. Many of the people who lived the battle and its consequences are still alive or passed away recently. The destruction caused by this battle created a new urban landscape in the villages that were affected. Only 30 years after the end of the Francoist dictatorship, some young researchers have started to get involved in the protection of this heritage.

After some years working as archaeologist in Spain, Norway and Scotland and as tour guide in Berlin, Germany, the opportunity to improve my knowledge in the heritage sector came by the University of Stirling and its MSc in Environment, Heritage and Policy. This MSc has provided me with a broader vision of the heritage sector and its possibilities for the development of new businesses. It has given me as well the opportunity to get in touch with very significant experts in this field, which has meant an added value to this programme.

Education: Bachelor in History (University of Valencia, Spain); MsA in Heritage Management (Open University of Catalonia, Spain)

Jana Flieshart (2014-15)


Since graduating from Stirling in 2015, Jana, has secured a place with the LWL- Industriemuseum in Dortmund, Germany and is part of the museum team within the Zollern Colliery. Her responsibilities include curating and realization of exhibitions, archiving and documentation and public relations.

‌Topic: The Last Post: Remembering World War One on the Island of Lismore

(Exhibition for a worked-based dissertation project with the Lismore Gaelic Heritage Centre)

Supervisors: Dr James Smyth and Dr Alasdair Ross

Even though I was born in Germany, I always knew that Scotland was a country I had to move to. So one day I packed my bags, much to the regret of my parents, and enrolled in Inverness College. Everything only got better from there! The last eight years have been an amazing journey. Scotland really is a bonnie wee place, with all its history and nature and a whole bunch of friendly people.

During my undergraduate course I was able to complete a module in Environmental History which had a great impact on me. I was fascinated by the relationship between people and places and how the Scottish landscape has changed throughout history as a result of it. I wanted to know more about it and once I had graduated from my BA in History and Sociology at the University of Stirling, I enrolled in the MSc Environment, Heritage and Policy and it was my best decision yet. The course is not only fascinating, challenging and informative, but it also combines the theory with the practice.

The course offered me the possibility to design and manage my own exhibition with the support of the Heritage Centre on the Island of Lismore. Piecing together biographies of those who perished in the First World War, while being supported and admitted into such a small island community, was not only meaningful and moving but a fantastic academic and personal experience and challenge. The many hours I was able to spend with all those fascinating characters and in different archives around Scotland was an experience that has certainly advanced my professional, yet also personal, development.

I am certain that I will be able put this MSc to excellent use when starting my career in the heritage sector.

Education: BA (Hons) in History and Sociology (University of Stirling)

Stephen Ciaran Lenthall 2014-15


Topic: The 1783 Icelandic Laki Eruption: what, if any, was its effect on Scotland?

Supervisors: Dr Alasdair Ross and Dr Paul Adderley

This project aims to find out what effect, if any, the Laki eruption had on Scotland in 1783. Much is known about how this event effected Europe and the rest of the world but little evidence has been found to show a noticeable presence in Scotland. By using an interdisciplinary approach I hope to support my historical sources with science in order to build an idea of what happened.

I first became interested in the natural world whilst spending time out in the hills and travelling. This led me to choose my undergraduate degree here at Stirling. To my surprise I slowly moved away from just wanting to know how the world evolved but more to how its evolution effected us. In particular how large-scale events effect those living near and far. Whilst studying this masters course I've now gained a key interest in almost any interaction between mankind and the landscape, be it landscape interpretation or archaeology, with hopes to continue learning about our world and go on to push my own research topics.

Education: BSc (Hons) Environmental Science with Outdoor Education (University of Stirling)