Landscape Encounters

Image of Landscape Encounters lectures

Landscape Encounters: Exploring Environmental and Heritage Histories of Scotland and Beyond is a series of free public evening lectures delivered roughly every two years and hosted by the Smith Museum and Art Gallery. The lecture series are designed to provide a wider audience access to the past and current research projects undertaken by Centre staff, promote greater understanding particularly of environmental history and, above all, strengthen our relationship with the local community. The lectures have proved popular, attracting public audiences of between 40-50.

The next series will be held in Winter 2017. Past programmes are detailed below.

Landscape Encounters II
October – December 2016
Richard Oram Glen almond: Landscape Palimpest
Richard Tipping Bannockburn 1314: What did the Place Look Like?
Alasdair Ross Medieval Climate Change in Scotland:1250-1350
Clare Wilson An Illicit Whisky chaser: Redisvovering the hidden History of Whisky Production in 18th and 19th Century Scotland
Sally Foster Picts, Gaels and Scots: What’s New?
Landscape Encounters I
February – March 2012
Catherine Mills The Lead Legacy: Mining, Pollution and Health, Tyndrum, 1730-1930
Richard Oram In Solitary Places: Scottish Mountains, Land Use and the Wilderness Myth, 1775 to Present
Jim Smyth and Douglas Robertson Planned Communities- New Stirling Housing of the Interwar Period
Phia Steyn The Environmental Impact of War: The South African Defence Force and the Southern African Environment, 1975-1989
Ian Simpson Landscapes of Settlement in the North Norse Atlantic
Alasdair Ross Medieval Landscapes and Resource Utilisation