About our approach

The promotion of equality of opportunity has been a fundamental value of the University of Stirling since its establishment in 1967. Our charter states that “the University shall be committed to the fair and equal treatment of every person and shall not discriminate on unjustified, irrelevant or unlawful grounds.”

The University of Stirling is committed to creating and sustaining a positive, stimulating and supportive working environment for our staff, and an excellent teaching, learning and research experience which encourages our students to thrive academically and personally and feel personally safe and fulfilled.

The University recognises its duties as a supportive educator and employer and is committed to identifying and taking steps to address any systemic factors that might prevent members of our community from having a positive, fulfilling and equitable experience.  This includes taking all steps in our power to prevent and tackle bullying, harassment, victimisation and discrimination.

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Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) toolkit

The University has in place an equality impact assessment (EIA) toolkit, which will help staff to conduct EIAs, including considering the impact of any policy or decision on people in relation to personal characteristics including their race, nationality, ethnic or religious background, sexual orientation, disability, sex or caring responsibilities. An EIA is a thought and engagement process which is intended to help create a culture of inclusion, fairness, transparency, and respect for diversity.