Make a report direct to an external agency

Although our support team can provide you with information on how to access support or formally report incidents, we appreciate you may prefer to make a report directly via external agencies.

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Report to Police directly

If the situation is an emergency, i.e. you or someone else is at risk of harm from a perpetrator, call 999. If it is not an immediate emergency, then call 101.

If not an emergency, and you feel the incident is a hate crime, you can report directly to Police Scotland via their secure Hate Crime Reporting Form

If you are elsewhere in the UK you can find your local Police to then make a report directly to them.

Speak to Crimestoppers

If you have details of a crime but do not wish to speak to the Police or a Third Party Reporting Centre,  you can contact Crimestoppers for free on 0800 555111 or via their website What you say will remain confidential and they do not require personal details from you, only details relating to the crime you are reporting.