How to access support or report an incident

If you have been affected by bullying, harassment, victimisation or discrimination

We understand that it can be difficult to disclose when an incident of this type has taken place and appreciate this is a distressing time for you. It is of the utmost importance to us that we don’t make it any more difficult, so have provided information on how you can access support, or report to the University or external agencies if you wish. 

We encourage you to come forward safe in the knowledge that you will be believed, respected, and supported. 

If you would rather speak to someone external to the University, please visit our pages on reporting to external agencies and external support

What to do in an emergency

If you're off campus, call 999 to reach any of the emergency services.

If you're on campus, call the Security Team any time, 24/7 on extension 7999 (on an internal phone) or 01786 467999 to request the Police.

If you need an ambulance, dial 999 directly to speak to a call handler. Then call the Security Team on extension 7999 or 01786 467999 to let them know that an ambulance will be arriving.

Speak to an Adviser to access support or discuss your options

Whether you decide to formally report the incident or not it’s important to know there is support available for you, both on campus and via external agencies. Experiencing or witnessing bullying, harassment, victimisation or discrimination can be distressing and traumatic and we are here to help.

This section sets out how to contact an Adviser to discuss support or options for reporting.

You may have already decided to formally report the incident to the University. If so, you can make a direct report without speaking to an Adviser first. How to do this depends on whether you are a student, staff member, or member of the wider community. Find out more about making a direct report.


Students can speak to one of our Advisers in Student Support Services about support options, information on how to make a formal report to the University if it involves another student or staff member and how to report to the police. 


The fastest and simplest way to access support is to complete our short form in our secure Report and Support system. You will be matched with an Adviser within 72 hours who will be in touch to arrange a suitable time to meet, either online or face to face. 

Reports received are strictly managed with only a small number of staff having access to them. Your report will be reviewed by the bullying and harassment coordinator within the Student Support Team and allocated to a member of the Adviser team. Your information and data will be recorded and managed confidentially and in line with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations. If you would like further information about this, please contact the coordinator Kelly Marriot (

By phone

You can make an appointment with a Student Adviser by calling the Student Services Hub on +44 (0) 1786 466022. You do not have to say what you want to talk about in any detail, just that you want to speak to an Adviser about bullying, harassment, victimisation or discrimination. All you have to give is your name and student number. If you do choose to contact us this way, the coordinator will contact you to get a small amount of information to ensure you speak to the most appropriate Adviser before your appointment can be arranged.


Staff can submit a report through Report and Support. You will then be matched with a member of staff who will contact you to arrange a suitable time to meet.

You can also contact your HR Partner directly.

Staff and immediate family members can access support via the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), a free confidential advice service. Resources available include counselling support and guidance as well as much more. Staff can self-refer to this and do not need to go through their line manager or HR. That being said, you may find it beneficial to have a conversation with your line manager, so they are able to best support you and direct you to additional resources if useful. 

Do I have to name who the complaint is against?

It is entirely your choice if you wish to name the perpetrator. If you choose to do so, it's important to be aware what action the University will take if you name a perpetrator of bullying, harassment, victimisation or discrimination, to any member of University staff.

You are under no obligation to name who the complaint is against and will be able to receive guidance on all your options as well as access to all University and external support if you choose not to. However, if you do choose to name them and they are either a University student or staff member, the University will be obliged to take appropriate action to safeguard you and/or members of our community. This is likely to involve speaking to the alleged perpetrator and it may involve disciplinary action being taken.

The same will apply if you name someone who is not a student or member of staff but the information you disclose indicates that you or someone else is at risk of harm. It is rare that the University would inform the Police without your explicit consent, but if the level of risk to you or others is sufficiently high, this course of action might be necessary.

If you wish to name a perpetrator but do not want the University to take action you may prefer to engage with an external agency or access external support from an agency on our resources webpage.