8.6 Procurement

Collaborative procurements may be led by central bodies such as Scottish Procurement, APUC, Scotland Excel, NHS National Procurement or Central Government Procurement Centre of Expertise. Information about the procurement services these organisations provide to the institution may be obtained directly from the organisations.

Procurement policies

Institution's overall strategy for procurement of non-pay expenditure and policies for compliance with legal obligations on major procurement exercises

The Procurement strategy is included in the University’s procurement policies and procedures.

Terms and conditions of purchase.

Procurement procedures

Institution's procurement and purchasing manuals

The University’s Procurement Policy and Procedures sets out the procurement policy and lays down the procedures to be adopted by staff requiring to obtain goods, services and works. Pre-defined thresholds determine which of five procedures should normally be employed. Further information is available on the Procurement Services webpages:

Procurement Services 

Procurement contacts

Contact information for procurement and purchasing information

Contact information for staff seeking advice on all procurement and purchasing related matters:

Procurement Contacts  

Tender documentation

GPA and Scottish-regulated calls for competition contract notices, invitations to tender, and pre-qualification questionnaire documentation for significant procurements

For information about tenders since 2008 and future tenders, please see the Public Contracts Scotland webpage at (*):

Public Contracts Scotland - University of Stirling

Supplier contracts

GPA and Scottish-regulated award notices

Goods, services or works covered by the contract, name of the supplier, period of the contract (including any extension options), approximate value of the contract:

For information about contract awards since 2008 please see the Public Contracts Scotland webpage at (*):

Public Contracts Scotland - University of Stirling

Contracts awarded

Register of contracts awarded that have gone through formal tendering, including name of supplier, period of contract and value

For information about contract awards please see the Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges website at (*):

APUC - University of Stirling Contracts Register

Procurement information published in compliance with regulations

Information published in accordance with the Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014, the Procurement (Scotland) Regulations 2016 and the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015

In accordance with the Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014, the University's latest annual procurement report is available here:

Procurement Services

* If you have trouble accessing this external information please contact us (foiunit@stir.ac.uk) for assistance.

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