8.2 Access to Information

This section tells people how to request information from the institution, both under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act and the Data Protection Act. It also covers institutional procedures for these pieces of legislation.

How to make a request for information and freedom of information enquiries contact

Details of how to request information from the institution under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act, the Data Protection Act and the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations. Central contact point for Freedom of Information enquiries.

Accessing Information 

FOI/EIR Charging Guidance

Information legislation policies

Institutional policies and procedures on Freedom of Information, Data Protection and Environmental Information.

Freedom of Information/Environmental Information 

Data Protection 

Records management and archiving policy

Policies and guidance relating to our records management, records and information retention and archiving policies.

Responsibility for records management and retention policies are devolved to individual areas within the University.  Retention periods are based on legal and regulatory requirement, sector and good practice guidance.  

Information on retention policies can be obtained from individual business areas.  To obtain relevant contact details contact foiunit@stir.ac.uk.

October 2022