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8.4 Financial Resources

This category covers information on the institution's strategy and management of financial resources. The finance department provides accounting, procurement and contracting services, helping to make best use of resources and fulfilling statutory responsibilities.

Financial statements

The institution's annual accounts

The Financial Statements approved by the governing body:

 Financial Statements

Budgetary processes

Policies and procedures for making budgetary allocations to major budgetary units

Budgetary processes:

Budgetary Processes (PDF 31 KB)

Budgets overview

Summary of overall budget and budgetary allocations to major budgetary units

Finalised budgetary allocations:

Budget Overview 2016-17 (PDF 9 KB)

Financial regulations

Institution's financial administration manual

Including information on purchasing goods and services, and on reclaiming expenses:

Financial Regulations

Expenses Policy


Summary information on the institution's major insurance policies

Names and addresses of the University's insurers, and broad information on the range of risks covered:

Insurance details (PDF 30 KB)

Senior staff remuneration

Principal's remuneration and statistical information on remuneration of other senior staff required to be published under the SFC Financial Memorandum

This is contained within the Financial Statements (note 6):

Financial Statements 

Details of expenses for the Principal Officers for the current and previous two financial years are available on request from Policy and Planning, University of Stirling, Stirling, FK9 4LA.


Summary information on institutional endowments and investments

Summary of University's investments and endowments:

Investments and endowments 2014/15 (PDF 52 KB)

Investments and endowments 2015/16 (PDF 177 KB)

April 2019 

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