University open access policy

The University’s Open Access Policy sets out the University’s commitment to open access and how open access publishing will be supported at the University.

There is an accompanying decision tree which shows the different routes to open access and a guidance document for authors applying to the OA Fund.

The Policy is reviewed on an annual basis at the Research Committee, to ensure it is providing the best level of support and complies with its stakeholders in this shifting landscape. The Research Committee considers costs, the distribution of funds across disciplines and individuals, unexpected outcomes arising from the Policy as well as changes to funders’ and government policies in their review.

We welcome comments, feedback and any issues presented by the policy – please email

Open Access Fund

Authors should consult the guidance above on the University’s Open Access Fund, UKRI Open Access Funding, and how funds are allocated. The guidance documents are updated as necessary in response to changes in external grant funding, funder policies, or institutional funding capacity.

Separate guidance is available for researchers whose outputs are in scope of UKRI’s Open Access Policy and who may be eligible for support from the UKRI Open Access Block Grant or central OA funding held by UKRI for longform publications.

To apply to the OA Fund or for UKRI OA funding you should complete an Application to the Open Access Fund.

UKRI-funded authors of longform publications should complete a UKRI Longform Publications OA Application instead.

These applications should be completed prior to submitting your article to the publisher or signing a contract for a longform publication – otherwise, funds will not be reserved.