SSS membership

Unless otherwise noted, all members are affiliated to the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Dr Leslie Dodd Law and Philosophy
Dr Scott Hames Literature and Languages
Dr Jacqueline Jenkinson History and Politics
Professor Gavin Little Law and Philosophy
Dr Peter Lynch History and Politics
Dr Alastair Mann History and Politics
Dr Michael Penman History and Politics
Professor Douglas Robertson Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology, SASS
Dr Jim Smyth History and Politics
Professor Roderick Watson (Emeritus) Literature and Language (founder and Honorary President)
Sarah Bromage Curator of University Art Collection
Professor Paul Cairney History and Politics
Dr Alison Jasper Literature and Languages
Kevin MacNeil Literature and Languages
Professor Richard Oram History and Politics
Dr Maria Vélez-Serna Communications, Media and Culture
Dr Kelsey Jackson Williams (Chair) Literature and Languages
Dr Michael Shaw Literature and Languages
Dr Alison Cathcart History and Politics