Snehal Vadher (2013-14)

Snehal Vadher

Snehal Vadher studied Comparative Literature and Creative Writing at universities in the UK. He teaches literature at school level and conducts creative writing workshops in Bombay. Some of his short fiction can be found online at nthposition and his poems have appeared in Nether, Coldnoon and Almost Island.

Time at Stirling

As a Charles Wallace Fellow at Stirling, I found a lot of time to produce work and speculate over it. I was deeply touched by the landscape of Scotland and by the generosity of the people I met. Stirling is a great place to live in, as it offers both the quiet and moody surroundings of the Ochils, as well as superb connectivity to bigger cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow. I think I have gained a lot from my experience as a Charles Wallace Fellow, enough to mine in for the rest of the year.  

Creative writing extracts


Always leaving with averted face
looking out of a train’s window
the yellow light on the landscape 
in your eyes the distance in your lap a book of poems 
or birds shaking off sleep at dawn 
returning the taste of salt in your mouth 
the wound pulsating across untraversed countries 
microscopic cities in the dust on the window your reflection    
the daytime moon over ancient ruins 
the prolonging horn of the train 
answering a question never asked