Siddharth Chowdhury (2006-07)

Siddhartha Chowdhury

In 2005 Chowdhury would translate Eliot Weinberger’s brilliant prose-poem The Stars(with etchings by VijaCelmins) into Hindi for the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), New York. In 2007 he received the Charles Wallace Writer-in-Residence Fellowship at the University of Stirling in Scotland, where part of Day Scholar was written. In 2012, Chowdhury was included in the First Elle Magazine list of 20 Best South Asian Writers under 40. In 2013, Day Scholar was one of the 50 novels featured in 50 writers, 50 Books: The Best of Indian Fiction(Harper-Collins).

Chowdhury studied at St. Xavier’s High School, Patna and subsequently read English at Zakir Husain and Hindu Colleges in Delhi University. An Editorial Consultant with the House of Manohar in New Delhi, Chowdhury is married and has a daughter. He is at present putting the finishing touches to a novella entitled ‘The Patna Manual of Style.

Time at Stirling

I came to Stirling as a city boy, who loved shopping malls and neon lights and leave as a man who will forever awake to the sound of oystercatchers. A time of introspection and rare friendship and also uninterrupted work. The first time in my fourteen years of writing I actually lived the writer’s life. And liked it. Much to my amazement. Needless to add Stirling will always be special to me.