Indian writers at Stirling

Every year since 1994 the University of Stirling has hosted an Indian creative writer: from Namita Gokhale and Arundhathi Subramaniam (both winners of the Sahitya Akadami Award) to poet and ecowriter, Mihir Vatsa, our youngest fellow at 23. The fellowship supports writers working on a diverse range of creative projects.

The Charles Wallace Fellowship brings Indian creative writers to the University of Stirling through the funding and support of the Charles Wallace India Trust and the British Council India. Each year a different writer produces new work, engages with undergraduates, postgraduates and staff, and presents a public reading.

In 2014/15 we celebrated 20 years of the Fellowship at Stirling. In partnership with the Charles Wallace India Trust, we have developed an online writers’ gallery. Explore the work of our fellows as they reflect on their time in Stirling and share their creative work.

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Previous Indian writers at Stirling

Rukun Advani

Rukun Advani


Smita Agarwal

Smita Agarwal

Janani Ambikapathy

Janani Ambikapathy

nabina das

Nabina Das

namita gokhale

Namita Gokhale

manju kak

Manju Kak

Gayathri Prabhu

Gayathri Prabhu

Simar Preet Kaur

Simar Preet Kaur

Sridala Swami

Sridala Swami

Snehal Vadher

Snehal Vadher

mihir vatsa

Mihir Vatsa

annie zaidi

Annie Zaidi

Full list of previous Indian writers at Stirling

Indian writers at Stirling
2022-23 Nikita Parik
2021-22 Scherezade Sanchita Siobhan
2020-21 In abeyance due to Covid-19
2019-20 Gayathri Prabhu
2018-19 Sneha Subramanian Kanta
2017-18 Arjun Rajendran
2016-17 Rochelle Potkar
2015-16 Simar Preet Kaur
2014-15 Mihir Vatsa
2013-14 Snehal Vadher
2012-13 Janani Ambikapathy
2011-12 Nabina Das
2010-11 Sridala Swami
2009-10 Srilata Krishnan
2008-09 Janhavi Acharekar
2007-08 Namrata Bhawnani
2006-07 Siddharth Chowdhury
2005-06 Anie Zaidi
2004-05 Indrajit Hazra
2003-04 Shreekumar Varma
2002-03 Arundhati Subramaniam
2001-02 Namita Gokhale
2000-01 Anuradha Marwah Roy and Manju Kapoor
1999-2000 Smitha Agarwal
1998-99 Jayabrato Chatterjee
1997-98 Rukun Advani
1996-97 in abeyance
1995-96 Manju Kak
1994-95 Vijay Nambisan


Charles Wallace India Trust

Charles William Wallace was born in Calcutta in 1855. He was a trader and managing agent in the British Empire, living between India and Britain. In 1886 he co-founded the firm of Shaw Wallace. The name still exists in India but there is no connection now with the Charles Wallace India Trust.

On his death in London in 1916, Wallace's will stated that ‘all possessions great and small being acquired from the people should be returned to the people’. After provision was made for his immediate successors for one generation, Wallace asked for his estate to be divided between India and Britain.

Following an agreement between the two governments in 1978, the Charles Wallace India Trust (CWIT) was set up in 1981. The CWIT supports scholarships and gives grants to Indian nationals working or studying in the arts, humanities and heritage conservation, enabling them to pursue courses and working attachments. It also supports a number of research fellowships at UK institutions in specific fields, such as the Fellowship in Creative Writing hosted by the University of Stirling.

Visit the Charles Wallace India Trust website