Studying at Stirling

The first couple of weeks can be a very busy and confusing time for new students. Here's the info you need to get started on your academic life and also where to find help and support for your studies.

Stirling essentials

You'll be given access to Stirling Essentials, an on-line module which will help you prepare for study at University. We recommend you work through this module before you arrive. Stirling Essentials will be available throughout your studies as it is the gateway to a wide range of advice and study skills resources.


Depending on the way your modules are taught, your timetable will be made up of two components. Details of these components are made available to you one month and one week before semester begins. See how to generate your timetable.


Canvas is the University's online learning environment. When you're fully enrolled you'll get access to the Canvas area for each of your modules where your lecturers will post course information.

Personal Tutor Scheme

All students will be allocated a personal tutor. You will meet with your tutor in the first two weeks of semester. You will be contacted by your faculty with details.

Staying on track

We have organised a series of ongoing events to assist you in getting to know more about studying at the University. These will be held throughout the first semester. 

Student Learning Services

Take advantage of free drop-in sessions, workshops and other services designed to help you in your studies at Stirling.

Accessibility and Inclusion Services

Our Accessibility and Inclusion team are here to make sure there are no barriers to you achieving your full potential during your time at university.

Study spaces

We have a variety of study facilities in our library and study zone including group study rooms, individual study desks, open study areas and computer labs.


With hundreds of thousands of books and plenty of room for research and study, our spacious library offers all the tools and resources you need to succeed.

Enhance your experience

We work with students to shape their experience at University from the way the campus is developed, services and food available, to how and what they learn.

Study Abroad

We offer a wide range of once-in-a-lifetime Study Abroad Programme opportunities, giving you the opportunity to see the world and experience new cultures.

Adviser of Studies Scheme

Each faculty has a Faculty Advisory Team whose role it is to offer academic advice and guidance on subject-specific matters such as module choices, programme of study and more.

Feedback and advice on your studies

The feedback you receive on your work at University is an important part of your learning and will help you become an independent learner. It comes in a lot of different forms and is not just the comments you receive on submitted work. The University and the Students’ Union have developed a Student Guide to Feedback (PDF) setting out what you can expect and what you need to do with your feedback.

All modules have feedback and guidance sessions where you can meet with your tutor or lecturer on a one-to-one or group basis to get advice, clarify points, and seek more feedback. Details of when and where these are will be in your module handbook on Canvas.