Make your student experience better

We work with students to shape their experience at University from the way the campus is developed, services and food available, to how and what they learn. Partly this is about gathering students’ views but it is also about working in partnership.

Student Partnership Agreement

The Student Partnership Agreement (2023 – 2026) captures the Students’ Union and University plans for working in partnership to support and improve student experience.

The agreement is for a three-year period, with a refresh every year to consider the annual priorities of the Students’ Union and the University.


We gather student views in a number of different ways from comment walls in the library to instant electronic feedback in lecturers.

We also use more formal surveys such as the National Student Survey which questions final year students and postgraduate students. Every year, we run the Student Experience Survey which allows us to gather views of students of their overall experience. Finally, within each module, students have the opportunity to give their feedback through the module evaluations survey and through their academic rep.

If you have feedback or ideas, tell us promptly so we can make changes where possible. Be constructive and respectful in your feedback and think about what you could do to make things better - we all have a role to play in our learning community.

Stirling Students’ Union

The Students’ Union has crucial role to play. You appoint their officers to work with the University on your behalf. In recent years they have worked on major projects such as the Student Guide to Feedback policy; our "Is this OK" campaign; the Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy and improving travel options.

Academic Representatives and Faculty Officers

Through the academic rep system, run by the Students’ Union, you can have your voice heard on how your modules can be enhanced. Anyone can become an academic rep, it’s a great way of meeting people and enhancing your CV. 

Faculty Officers are student officers who take on responsibility for representing the academic interests of students within a division, or group of divisions, in an academic faculty. See who your Undergraduate Faculty Officers are.

The Postgraduate Faculty Officer scheme is run jointly by the University of Stirling Students’ Union and University of Stirling (Institute for Advanced Studies) to provide postgraduate representation at a faculty level.  See the Postgraduate Representatives.

Take the initiative

There are lots of ways you can get involved to improve our learning community:

  • set up a study group
  • organise a speaker to come to speak to your class
  • use your contacts to organise placements
  • The Vice Chancellor’s Fund is available to help fund student initiatives