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study space

The library has a variety of study facilities including Group Study Rooms (which are bookable by students), individual study desks, open study areas and study desks with PCs.


Library and IT study space expanded by 25%

The University has invested significantly in the library over the summer of 2019. Students will benefit from:

library study booths


The Library is zoned to create different types of study environment for students. Please respect the rights of others to study in the zone of their choice by sticking to the rules for each zone:

Level 2: Enquiry

  • phones switched to silent (use stairwells for calls)
  • cold food only (no smelly or noisy food)
  • covered drinks only
  • please clear rubbish to bins

Level 3: Quiet Study

  • minimal conversations allowed but keep it brief
  • phones switched to silent (use stairwells for calls)
  • cold food only (no smelly or noisy food)
  • covered drinks only
  • please clear rubbish to bins

Level 4: Silent Study

  • individual silent study only in open areas
  • talking is not allowed
  • phones switched to silent (use stairwells for calls)
  • cold food only (no smelly or noisy food)
  • covered drinks only
  • please clear rubbish to the bins

Group Study Rooms

The library has 10 group study rooms for students to work in groups collaboratively. All of them have full AV facilities so you can practice presentations, work on group projects, etc. All are furnished and set up for group discussions. All our group study rooms can be booked online or at the panel outside each roomSee the  for the locations of the Study Rooms.

Rooms may be booked for a maximum of 4 hours per day. I.S. reserves the right to adjust/remove bookings in breach of the guidelines below.

  • Making a booking

    Bookings are made via your Student Email. Please see the video.


    Make sure your student email account is set to the local time setting or else your bookings may go into the calendar at the wrong time.  In student email, go to Options > Settings > Click Calendar > Click General> Click Region and time Zone  Current time Zone should be set to  (UTC) - Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London

  • Guidelines for use of the Group Study Rooms

    Group study rooms are in very heavy demand, so to ensure as many students as possible can benefit from the facility, please follow these guidelines.

    • Group study rooms are for group study for academic purposes only. A group consists of 3 or more people, If you are working in groups of less than 3 please use the facilities on the second floor of the library or Social Study area
    • You may not book the room for any other user
    • Rooms may be booked for a maximum of 4 hours per day. 1 session per group, per day. Maximum 4 bookings per group per week. IS reserves the right to adjust/remove bookings
    • Recurrent bookings, multiple or consecutive room bookings are not permitted and will be deleted by staff
    • There will be a 15 min grace period. If you and your group fail to turn up within 15 minutes from start time of booking, your booking will lapse and room will be available to other groups.
    • Rooms cannot be 'reserved' by leaving personal belongings in them. Unoccupied rooms may be given over to another group.
    • All waste material must be removed from the room on departure. If there is litter in the room on entry, please report this to the Information Centre immediately and we will endeavour to take action against the offenders
    • Normal library regulations apply; please keep noise to a minimum and do not consume hot food or drinks in uncovered containers 
  • Locations and facilities

    All Group Study Rooms have glassboards for group work and standard AV facilities.  Pens and erasers for the glass boards can be borrowed from the Lending desk on Level 2 of the Library.


    Level 3

    Group study 1

    Level 3

    Group study 2

    Level 4

    Group study 3


    Level 4

    Group study 4


    Level 4

    Group study 5


    Level 4

    Group study 6


    Level 4

    Group study 7 GRAY

    Level 4

    Group study 8


    Level 4

    Group study 9


    Level 4

    Group study 10

    Capacity 8 6 6 8 8 6 6 8 6 6
    Facilities AV










    The Training Rooms on level 4, the Enterprise Zone Rooms on level 3 and the Library Seminar Room on level 2 cannot be booked by students. Students are however welcome to use the rooms in between bookings.

    All of the AV equipped Group study rooms are set up in exactly the same way.

    Basic AV kit

    • PC: press 'system on' > 'PC' on panel. When you are finished using the PC logoff rather than shut down.
    • Connecting other devices > there is a white panel which you can connect different sources.  You can connect using a VGA cable, audio cable, Hdmi and there are 2 USB ports.
    • Connect a laptop > press 'system on' > 'laptop '. A VGA cable or HDMI cable  is needed to connect the laptop to the system. You can borrow VGA cables from the Lending desk. Plug the cable into the white panel on the front of the cabinet. If nothing appears on the TV, press Fn/F5 on the laptop keyboard to toggle between the settings.
Students in the library studying and smiling

Library Study Zone

The Study Zone is closed in the autumn semester 2019 for an exciting facelift which will see it completely revamped and kitted out with new study furniture and PCs. This new space will reopen in early 2020.

While the Study Zone is under renovation, there will be a temporary study space in the Atrium in the former John Smith's bookshop.

Study space elsewhere

two students studying in library

Empty space = study space

Students can use any teaching room, which is not in use, for quiet private study. If you would like a room for group study, this can be booked via Resource Booker.

Willow Court Boardroom

This room seats 12 and has a 42 inch screen to which laptops can be connected.  Connection cables are not supplied however.  The Room is owned by Accommodation Services and is used for meetings.  However students are welcome to book the room around staff meetings.  

You can book Willow Court Boardroom in the same way you book Library Group Study Rooms - via your student email.

Haldane’s Dining Room and university catering outlets
Students are also encouraged to use the Haldane’s dining room for study during the day. Haldane’s has a lovely open view over the wee loch and is equipped with Wi-Fi and loads of tables suitable for study.  The University also has a number of cafes/outlets, all of which have Wi-Fi.  See a list of University catering outlets.

Study Pods in Cottrell courtyard
There are 2 amazing round Study Pods in one of the Cottrell courtyards - these are great for group study - you can use them for meetings or take along your laptop and share the image on the inbuilt screen. You can find them by following the A corridor along towards lecture theatre A6.

Student Union

The Union houses a number of study locations, typically cafe environments.  There are 3 cafe/bars: Underground is a fairly large space with PCs and Wi-Fi throughout and Venue and Studio also offer different environments for study and food. Why not try them all?

Study cabins
We currently have temporary study cabins located in the lower car park of the Pathfoot Building and the Cottrell car park to provide additional open study space for all students. 

Students studying in a group

Postgraduate Research Zone

The Research Zone is the main space for PGR and research staff training and workshops. It's an inspiring place that features a 60-seat lecture space, presentation facilities, two boardrooms and an informal meeting area. Postgraduate research students may use this space, please contact to book it.

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