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Students' Union

Welcome to Your Students’ Union! Everything that we do is aimed at making students’ lives better and in these pages we hope to give you just a taste of all of the things on offer from your Union to make your time at University the best it can be.

Your Students' Union has a huge range of activities from Sports Teams, Clubs and Societies and events to keep you busy. Getting involved with groups like Hockey, Swimming or our Drama Soc gives you a great opportunity to meet new people and do the things you love. The Union is also a place to come if you need support or just want to get your hands on the free sanitary products and condoms!

During your first week you’ll not only have loads of fun activities to enjoy with our Freshers events, you’ll also get to know our bar and coffee shops, Studio, Venue and Underground. Chill out with your favourite Starbucks coffee or enjoy our tasty fresh food, pizzas, pints and more in our award winning outlets.

Check out the Union's website, FacebookTwitter and Instagram to ensure you know everything that's going on!

So prepare yourself for what’s set to be a week to remember. This is Your Union so drop in and say hello!

Nelson, Josh, Amy and Gill

Sabbatical Team 2019-20

Making Students’ Lives Better

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Nelson Acquah Union President @stir_president
Amy Smith Vice President Education  @stir_education
Gill Thayne Sports President @stir_sports
Josh Muirhead Vice President Communities  @stir_community

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