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Useful contacts

We are aware that you will have questions before you start university. The best way to get your question answered correctly and quickly is to contact the people that specialise in that area. Please use the documents below to get the correct contact details.

Academic contacts

If you have any questions relating to your specific modules, courses or coursework/assessments please contact the academic divisions directly.

Service and support contacts

If you have any questions relating to the induction and enrolment process or the first week of semester, including Freshers Week and the Students' Union, please get in touch with the appropriate Service and Support contacts.

Nursing students

If you are a Nursing student please see Nursing, Midwifery and Health contacts.

General University contacts

If you have any questions about the university that do not relate to induction or starting as a new student you can find the contact details in our A-Z list.

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