Borrowing laptops

One of the benefits being introduced for students, as a result of the Campus Central project is the facility, which enables students to borrow a laptop for free.

Demand for our laptops has increased sharply this semester and we have made some changes to the way we lend these, aiming to ensure we cater for the demand for laptops as completely as possible.

Four-hour loans

If you are studying in the Library or need a device to use in a class, you can use your student card to borrow a laptop from the Library for 4 hours. You borrow these from the laptop loans cabinets which are within the study area of Level 2. Four-hour loans are located in the cabinet near the study desks on Level 2. These laptops are not issued with a power supply so you will need to return them within the 4-hour period. If you are still studying in the library you can return one laptop and borrow another one.

Laptops are provided fully charged for use and can be taken into one of the many additional study places out with the library, located across the campus. Laptops are not issued with a charger or bag. This is a free service, however, fines will be incurred for late returns. You must have your student card in order to borrow a laptop.  Scroll down to see a video guide to borrowing a laptop.

When you return a laptop, remember to plug in the power cable ensuring that the light outside the locker turns red.  If the light doesn’t turn red the laptop will still be issued to you and you may incur fines. Contact the Information Centre if you need any help.

Two-week loans

The cabinet near the Library entrance has a bank of 2-week loan laptops.  These can be checked out with your student card and you can pick up a power cable from the Lending desk. 

Two week laptop loans are in high demand and we have had to make these loans non-renewable. If you require a device for longer than two weeks, please request a long loan laptop.

Long-term loans for those without a suitable device for study

Currently we have no devices to loan.

The Library has a limited pool of devices for use by those without a suitable device for study.   These devices are usually loaned to you for 1 academic year at a time (up to end May of current academic year). You can apply for a long term loan device by filling in our request form.

See our FAQ for further information.

Step-by-step instructions on how to borrow and return a laptop

How to borrow a laptop

  • Select "borrow" on the touchscreen.
  • Place the card on the contactless area to authenticate.
  • Accept terms and conditions (listed below).
  • The locker number is displayed on the screen and the corresponding locker light flashes.
  • Place card on appropriate column contactless area to open locker.
  • Take the laptop and close the door, ensuring the charging cable is safely inside the locker.

How to return a laptop

  • Select "return" on the touchscreen.
  • Place card on the contactless area to authenticate.
  • The locker number is displayed on the screen, and the corresponding locker light flashes.
  • Place the laptop inside the locker, connect the charging cable, and ensure the door is securely closed (please note, failure to complete this step in full will result in the item remaining on your account). You will know when the laptop has been returned by the light outside the locker turning red.
  • If you want a return receipt, press the option on the touchscreen.

Terms and conditions:

  • Please do not store any of your data on the laptop as we cannot guarantee that it will be saved. All data should be saved to OneDrive
  • You are fully responsible for the borrowed laptop and any loss or damage incurred. There may be charges for repair or replacement of hardware, up to £760
  • You should contact the Information Centre immediately, should you notice any damage to a laptop
  • Laptops must be returned by the specified loan time
  • If a laptop is not returned by the due time your borrowing rights may be suspended and you may incur fines
  • You may only borrow one laptop at a time