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Regular Events

Chaplaincy weekly events
Column one shows the day, column two shows the time and column three shows what is on.
Day Time What's On
Monday 15:30 - 17:00 Global Cafe
  18:30 - 22:00 Chinese Christian Fellowship - Contact Xiao En: 07751577261 and Chu Yin: 07818064137
Tuesday  15:00 - 17:00 Patches4Peace
  18:30 - 21:00 Catholic Society
Wednesday 13:15 Catholic Mass led by Rev Fr Jamie Boyle. Staff and students welcome.
Thursday  13:00-14:00 Sikh student drop-in - a chance to meet our Faith Representative, Dr Satwant Multani, and connect with other students over tea and coffee. Get in touch by calling 07976117598, emailing stwntmultani@gmail.com or just come along.
  18:30 - 20.00 Christian Union - Weekly Equip meeting in the Chaplaincy. Contact the Christian Union (Stirlinguniversitycu@gmail.com) for more details.
Friday Times vary

Islamic Friday prayers Room S21. Times vary. The men’s prayer room S21 is located in the Atrium of the Andrew Miller Building and women’s prayer room S18 is located next to the Archives on the ground floor of the Andrew Miller Building. Ablution/Wudhu Room is next to S21 men’s prayer room. For information contact chap1@stir.ac.uk, Jibril Yakubu Jibril at j.y.jibril@stir.ac.uk or mobile/WhatsApp: 07467842855.

Keypad codes for both prayer rooms and Ablution/Wudhu Room are available from the Chaplaincy office, 10-3pm, the Student Services Hub or out of hours from Cottrell Security Reception or the Library Reception.

  13:00 - 14:00

Chappy’s Chatty Hour – Join Lesley, Chappy the bear, and friends at the Chaplaincy for an hour of conversation and fun on a Friday lunchtime. Try some crafting, add a few pieces to the Chaplaincy jigsaws, share food with new friends and old, or just take a break and relax in good company.

Email Lesley.stanley@stir.ac.uk for more information or just come along!

  19:30 - 20:30

Meditative Moments and Fireside Discussions on ZoomOur Baha'i Faith Representative invites you to 'A moment of shared reflection'. Explore texts from both the Baha’i Writings and those of other Faith traditions on topics such as Patience, Strength, Unity, the Heart , Positive Change. Presentation followed by discussion, and you are welcome to share a reading, poem or prayer of your own choice that relates to the subject.

For more information and to join email Jeremy jeremyfox41@icloud.com

Students wishing to set up a new faith group must complete and submit a Chaplaincy New Group Application. Please contact the Chaplaincy chap1@stir.ac.uk for details. Applications will be considered by the Chaplaincy Team. The Chaplaincy Team reserves the right to refuse any application which does not fit with the ethos of the Chaplaincy.