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Cornton Baptist Church:

Stirling Baptist Church:

Stirling Vineyard Church:

Cornerstone Community Church:

Stirling Free Church:

The Scottish Episcopal Church:

St Mary’s Catholic Church:

Methodist Church:

Interfaith Scotland

Interfaith Scotland provides a forum for people from different religions and beliefs to dialogue with one another on matters of religious, national and civic importance. They:

  • run dialogue events for young people, women, faith communities, religious leaders, members of Interfaith Scotland and local interfaith groups
  • run interfaith workshops in schools and produce interfaith publications and resources
  • provide ongoing support to local interfaith groups
  • give public presentations, seminars and training on interfaith and faith awareness
  • promote and encourage participation in Scottish Interfaith Week

Pioneer Ministry Stirling

Pioneer Ministry aims to build a community that includes everyone and means we are there for each other through the ups and downs of semester at Stirling - whatever your life stance, religion, or belief.

Find out more on the Pioneer Ministry Stirling website.

Prayers in a time of COVID 19 with Janet

Watch a series of video prayers by Janet Foggie on YouTube.

Religion and belief guides

HEA Guide to Buddhism

HEA Guide to Christianity

HEA Guide to Islam

HEA Guide to Judaism

HEA Guide to Sikhism