In the Chaplaincy

Coffee Bar

The Chaplaincy is a friendly, sociable place where you can meet new friends from around the world. One of the many attractions is the tea and coffee and the large biscuit tin!

'Fantastic place to meet and study with friends, to unwind in between classes or simply make new friends from different backgrounds for life!'

Quiet Room

You can drop-in anytime for prayer, reflection and meditation; try the table labyrinth to focus and slow down your thoughts; have a confidential chat with a Chaplain - no matter what concerns you may have, we are here to listen. We also have a SAD lamp to chase away the winter blues.

'I have made friends here, cried and laughed here and will remember it fondly when I leave. A place of comfort when it all gets too much.'


Piano and guitars are available in the Chaplaincy; take a break from your studies, unwind and relax.

'With so many different nationalities from around the world there is always some new music to discover.'