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Data Management Plan

At the beginning of your research you should produce a data management plan. 

To write your DMP we recommend using DMP Online.

Data Management Plan Support Service

The LARS (Library and Archives Research Support) Team can review your data management plan (DMP) prior to submission with grant applications and provide feedback. Please make sure you have read your funders’ policies on research data management and prepared your plan in accordance with these. To share your plan within DMPonline click on the Share tab and type in the email address within the Invite collaborators box. Ensure you have chosen either the co-owner or Editor permission so we can make changes to your plan. 

Ensure ongoing review

A DMP should be an evolving document in which information can be added as the project progresses, and when significant changes occur. It is good practice to establish a schedule for reviewing and updating a DMP in combination with project events e.g. funding approval, periodic reviews.

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