Training materials

  • MANTRA: Research Data Management Training is an excellent course designed at Edinburgh for PhD students, early career researchers and senior academics that is freely available. On 16 September 2019 the first module within MANTRA was updated and now covers Research data in context (including sections on Data in society; Data Science; Video; Machine learning and data literacy and skills.
    • The course also includes software practicals for the following data handling packages: SPSS 23; R; arcGIS 20.3 and NVivo 9. You can print off the user guide, download the dataset and work through the exercises at your own pace (some familiarity with each software package is suggested as a pre-requisite).
    • There is now a MOOC version of the Mantra Course called Research Data Management and Sharing
  • JISC RDM Toolkit aims to signpost resources from a wide range of website and organisations to help you get to grips with research data management.
  • UK Data Service has three Data Skills Modules are introductory level interactive modules designed for users who want to get to grips with survey, longitudinal and aggregate data. Each module lasts approx. 2 hours.
  • THE ETD+ Toolkit is an approach to improving research output management.  Focusing on the Eletronic Thesis and Dissertation (EDT) as a marker in a student's research trajectory, it provides advice to students about avoiding common digital loss scenarios for the ETD and all its affiliated files.  The ETD+ Toolkit provides introductory training in a series of crucial data curation and digital longevity techniques. It has been designed as a training tool to help students identify and offset risks and threats to their digital research footprints. The modules include: Copyright; Data Organization; File Formats; Metadata; Storage; Version Control.  Select ETD+ Toolkit (the Google Drive-based Open Curriculum Package)
  • The DCC provides an updated list of disciplinary RDM training that is available, including those for health sciences, psychology and social sciences.
  • Data Tree is a free online course with all you need to know for research data management, along with ways to engage and share data with different stakeholders.  The self-paced training course will take 15 to 20 hours to complete in eight structured modules. The course is packed with video, quizzes and real-life examples of data management, along with valuable tips from experts in data management, data sharing and science communication. The course is for researchers, scientists and anyone working with data. The course is especially aimed at postgraduates, PhD students and early career researchers who want to learn research data management skills, but it is for anyone who wants to get the right data habits now, including thinking of end-users of your data. Data Tree is funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) through the National Productivity Investment Fund (NPIF), delivered by the Institute for Environmental Analytics and Stats4SD and supported by the Institute of Physics.