Library wellbeing space

Wellbeing Space

We know that life at university can be stressful, especially around exam time, so we aim to provide you with opportunities to make relaxation a part of your time spent in the library. Working constantly without breaks isn't good for your productivity: when you're tired and stressed, you can't take information in or do your best work. So relax and be productive!

Library wellbeing space

Room to recharge

We’ve created a dedicated space on the first floor where you can take a break away from your work in order to recharge and refresh. The area is equipped for mindfulness, quietly relaxing, or browsing the many wellbeing resources available. Within the space you’ll find comfy seating, cushions, blankets and an assortment of materials designed to enhance your sense of wellbeing. You will also find the library’s collection of books on the topic of health and wellbeing. Most importantly, you can relax and enjoy the views of our beautiful campus.

Get in touch

You’ll find the wellbeing space located in the short loan collection area on the first floor of the library. We welcome your feedback, that will inform future development of the space. Please email us with your ideas and requests to make this space your own.