Cloud file store for team files and folders

Simple sharing and seamless collaboration 

Teamwork isn’t about where you are. It’s about being connected and with SharePoint online you’ll see how to create, store and share content on the web, wherever you are.  

SharePoint has a great deal of functionality including workflows, lists, even web pages.  At Stirling we are using SharePoint primarily for team file storage.  We will help your Faculty or department build it's SharePoint site/s and help to migrate your existing files in Box and on the uni network into SharePoint. The video below gives an insight into the possibilities offered by SharePoint.

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How to access SharePoint

Web browser: 

Staff/students: login to the University portal and click on the link to Office 365 on the left side of the page.  If prompted to login, enter your University email address - enter it in the format e.g  You will be redirected to a University of Stirling login page - enter your Stirling username and password (as with the portal) and log in.  When you're logged in, select SharePoint from the list of apps on the O365 home page.  

Mobile Device: To use SharePoint on a mobile device, go to the app store and install the SharePoint app. Enter your full University email address in the format and your password and click Sign In. When prompted, enter your network user name (e.g. js35) and password and click Sign In.

How to create a folder in SharePoint

When you get your team site from Information Services, you will see it comes with a 'Documents' section.  This is where we will put your content migrated from Box (into a 'From Box' folder).  You can create new folders in your Documents area very easily. Watch this short video on how to create a folder, how to move a folder and file.

How to share a document

You can share your SharePoint files with anyone: staff and students of the university, externals, your team members or specific individuals.  This video very clearly demonstrates how to share your files with the appropriate permissions level.

How to collaborate on documents in OneDrive or SharePoint

When you are using SharePoint document libraries, you will discover that the functionality is the same as working in OneDrive (your own private part of SharePoint).  Wherever you are working, you can use the collaboration features to edit documents at the same time as colleagues.  This page has links to videos and step by step instructions on collaborating in Office within OneDrive and SharePoint

SharePoint help and resources

The SharePoint help centre covers all things SharePoint and has a powerful search to help you find the answer to your question.

SharePoint also has a lot of help materials built in - you can find them under the ? on the top right of your SharePoint site.

We are building a set of university specific FAQs around Office365 in UniDesk.