About the Institute for Retail Studies

Our research activity can be broken down into:

Research projects: these represent one of the main research activities undertaken by Institute staff. Research projects are conducted on behalf of retail and distributive companies, local and national governments, public sector bodies and research councils. The projects themselves vary enormously and range from three year research fellowships to short term consulting projects.

Postgraduate research: The supervision of postgraduate researchers is an integral part of the Institute’s activities. Student research may be at the Masters and doctoral level and candidates can study either full or part-time. The reputation of the Institute has been such that it has drawn students from all over the world and has established itself as a central base for study in retailing.

Public presentations: One objective of the Institute has been to disseminate its research findings to a wide and diverse range of audiences. To that end the research work undertaken has been reported in many academic conferences and management seminars. Should you wish to discuss any aspect of our retail research please do not hesitate to contact: Professor Paul Freathy.