Research Papers

The Institute publishes a Research Paper (formerly Working Paper) series which reports mainly on-going research by Institute staff or presentations made by visiting retail academics.

0701 K Davies The Industrial Revitalization Corporation Japan and the rehabilitation of Japanese retailing 

0601 A Broadbridge, G Maxwell and S Ogden Retailing, Careers and Generation Y 

0502 E Parsons and A Broadbridge Gender and Identity in the Charity Retail Workplace

0501 A Broadbridge Senior Retail Managers: Factors Assisting and Hindering Careers 

0202 A Broadbridge and E Parsons Trading Up in Charity Retailing: Managing in a Climate of Change

0201 E Parsons People or Profits? The Challenges of Managing in Charity Retail

0102 A Broadbridge How Can the Retail Industry Better Attract Future Graduates

0101 A Broadbridge Graduate Careers: Is Retailing a Serious Option

0003 L Sparks Employment Effects of Food Superstores : Who is Right and Who Cares

0002 L Sparks Issues in Food Retailing in Scotland

0001 A Broadbridge and H Morgan Consumer Buying Behaviour of, and Perceptions Towards, Retail Brand Baby Products

9904 A Paddison Town Centre Marketing Strategies, London Borough of Nutfield, East Butfield Shopping District

9903 A Broadbridge, V Swanson and C Taylor The Implications of Retail Change on Employees’ Job Demands, Satisfactions and the Work/Home Interface

9902 P Freathy and F O’Connell Commercial Activities and the European Airport Sector : current issues and future threats 

9901 S Burt and J Carralero-Encinas The Role of Store Image in Retail Internationalisation

9804 A Broadbridge Retail Managers: A Qualitative Investigation Into the Causes and Coping Strategies of Work Related Stress

9803 A Broadbridge Stress in Retailing: Preliminary Analysis of The Experiences of Retail Managers

9802 P Freathy and F O’Connell In-House Shopping Methods: Experiences from the US9801 J Fernie Outsourcing Distribution in UK Retailing

9703 L Sparks Here Kitty, Kitty … Reflections on Issues in International Internet Retailing

9702 A Smith and L Sparks Independent Retailers and Small Shops: Issues, Problems and Suggestions - Evidence from Scotland

9701 A Broadbridge Career Development in Retailing: Mentoring as a Management Development Aid

9603 P Freathy Regulation Theory and the Postmodernist Challenge : considerations in the development of meta-theory

9602 G Birtwistle, I Clarke and P Freathy Consumer Versus Retailer Perceptions of Store Positioning in the UK Fashion Sector

9601 P Freathy and L Sparks Work Distribution in Large Scale Food Retailing in the UK 

9504 A Broadbridge The Career Development of Retail Managers: Preliminary Findings

9503 L Sparks Slaying The Giants? The Cott Corporation and Retailer Brand Soft Drinks in Great Britain and the USA

9502 A Broadbridge The Glass Ceiling is Not Being Shattered 

9501 S Brown Sex’n'Shopping

9403 K Davies Some Views on the Overseas Activities of Japanese Retailers

9402 P Freathy and L Sparks Workers’ Attitudes to Sunday Trading

9401 A Broadbridge Career Progression of Post-Experience Managers

9303 A Broadbridge and S Horne Over the Counter : a study of charity shop volunteers

9302 S Horne and A Broadbridge From Rags to Riches : A Classification of Charity Shops

9301 K Davies The Lure of One Billion New Customers : Foreign Investment in the Retail Sector of the People’s Republic of China 

9204 S Burt Retailer Brands in British Grocery Retailing : a review

9203 P Freathy and L Sparks Fordism and Retailing : A Note on the Curious Neglect of the Ford Commissaries

9202 R Larke Japanese Distribution

9201 K Davies The Changing Structure of Retailing in Singapore

9104 S Worthington The Future for Plastic Cards in the Provision of Consumer Credit in the United Kingdom

9103 S Horne and M Moss Box Collection Schemes: The Search for Optimum Location

9102 S Burt and L Sparks Car Parking, Retailers and Consumers

9101 H Biederman Strategic Restructuring in the US Department Store Industry

9005 S Burt The Internationalisation of European Food Retailers

9004 K Jones Canadian Retailing: current directions and future prospects

9003 R Larke Japan’s Generation Gap Markets

9002 S Shaw The Changing European Seafood Chain

9001 D Walters Value Studies and Market Segmentation

8904 L Sparks Aspects of Customer Service in North American Retailing: Views from a Fellowship 

8903 S Worthington Retailers and EFTPOS: the Australian experience

8902 JR Beaumont The Commercial Use of Personal Information

8901 JA Dawson Japanese Retailing: movement to the post-traditional stage

8805 L Sparks Strategy in Retailing: the development of Kwik Save PLC 

8804 JR Beaumont Retail Location Decision-Making

8803 P Aitken and L Sparks Retail Change in Scotland

8802 JD Lord Retail Decentralization and CBD Decline in American Cities

8801 R Larke A Consideration of Consumer Loyalty in Japan 

8705 J Ozigi and S Worthingon Franchising in Scotland: barriers to development

8704 JA Dawson and SA Shaw Horizontal Competition in Retailing and the Structure of Manufacturer-Retailer Relationships

8703 D Harris Central versus Direct Delivery for Large Retail Food Outlets

8702 JA Dawson and SA Shaw The Challenge of Edge and Out-of-Town Retailing: seminar proceedings 

8701 JA Dawson, AM Findlay and L Sparks Employment in British Superstores: summary of project findings

8606 M Gabbott Second Hand Used Car Dealer Licensing in Scotland: a survey of local authorities

8605 JD Parnham Junior Management Training Schemes in UK Department Stores

8604 S Burt, K Davies, T Marks and L Sparks Takeovers and Diversification within Retailing

8603 JA Dawson Developing Store Formats: the Polarisation of Operating Scale

8602 AC McKinnon The Physical Distribution Strategies of Multiple Retailers

8601 JA Dawson, AM Findlay and L Sparks The Anatomy of Job Growth: Employment in British Superstores

8506 A Findlay, R Paddison and A Findlay An Appraisal of Retail Change within the Cultural Context of the Middle East

8505 JA Dawson and L Sparks Information Sources and Retail Planning

8504 EC Bbenkele Marketing and the Economic Development Process in Less Developed Countries

8503 L Sparks (ed) Issues for Retail Planning in Scotland: seminar papers

8502 JA Dawson The Costs and Returns of Sunday Trading

8501 S Brown Commercial Revitalisation: a case study of Central Belfast

8409 T Cannon Marketing Problems of the Food Chain: an overview

8408 JA Dawson Distribution in Europe and Japan: some trends, comparisons and questions

8407 T Cannon and B Jackson Temporal and Organisation Factors in the Success Rates of Innovations

8406 L Sparks Electronic Funds Transfer at Point-of-Sale - an overview

8405 T Cannon Customer Oriented Technological Futures for Library Systems

8404 P Mosscrop The Opportunity: action to improve profitability through Logistiscs and; M Sweet Why Centralise? The Benefits and Opportunities of an Integrated Distribution System

8403 L Sawers Micro-Computers in Retailing

8402 A Werwicki The Organisation of the Distributive Trades in Poland 

8401 CP Aitken Retail Planning in Central Region - an overview

8304 L Sparks The Impact of the Recession on Retail Employment

8303 JA Dawson Small Firms in Retailing: Terminal Illness or Just a Cold?

8302 JA Dawson Public Policy Controls on Hypermarket Development 

8301 JA Dawson IT and its Effects on the Distributive Trades