School research themes

Based on our existing strengths and core competencies we have identified five School research themes, crossing traditional disciplinary boundaries within business and management to generate different perspectives on common issues.

Our themes are aligned to specific UN Sustainable Development Goals, but are flexible to enable us to anticipate and respond to emerging issues at regional, national and international level and to proactively seek research opportunities and synergies across these themes. The School themes are also designed to contribute to the three University research themes: Cultures, Communities and Society; Global Security and Resistance; and Living Well.

Informing Sustainable Communities

Explores the impacts of change on global and local communities, places and spaces including digital lives and smart cities, through our research in resource economics; the role of town and city centres; environments & ageing; and grassroots and community organisations.

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Sustainable Cities and Communties infographic

Transforming Consumption and Production Markets

Investigates change in the consumption and production lifecycle, bridging the gap between business, markets and consumer behaviours, through our research in retailing and supply chains; consumer behaviour; sustainability and consumption markets.

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responsible consumption and production infographic

Supporting Healthy Behaviours

Considers why people make the decisions they do, and how societies can better support a healthy population at all stages of life, through our research into nudging behaviours; medical tourism; the management & organisation of healthcare; wellbeing, and public health economics.

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good health and well being infographic

Understanding Decent Work

Addresses workplace challenges related to diversity, inclusion, new technologies, innovation and the impact on employment through our research on human capital; working lives; un\under-employment, employability and skills.

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decent work and economic growth infographic

Exploring Sustainable Organisations

Explores changes in organizational structures and the processes, systems and governance mechanisms that drive sustainable economic development and wellbeing, through our research on co-production and co-creation; corporate governance and the responsible use of digital technologies and data; start-ups and SMEs; corporate accountability; change and leadership.

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industry innovation and infrastructure infographic