CRISP - Information, Surveillance and Privacy

CRISP is the leading research and knowledge exchange centre in Europe studying the many dimensions of the surveillance society and its consequences.

It's a collaborative networked initiative between the:

  • University of Stirling’s Management School
  • University of St Andrews School of Management
  • University of Edinburgh’s School of Social and Political Sciences and School of Law
  • Coventry University’s Business School
  • Department of Sociology at the University of Essex

CRISP also hosts the Scottish Privacy Forum, an engagement platform which facilitates interaction with Scottish privacy, data protection and information professionals. CRISP achieves its aims through producing and disseminating the results of funded scholarly research, media engagement and the promotion of networking and knowledge exchange between practitioners, academics, students, activists and society more generally.

An up-to-date list of recent CRISP activities and news can be found on the CRISP website.

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