Marketing and Retail

Research in Marketing and Retail explores consumption patterns and consumer behaviours in a changing social landscape, with an emphasis on the inter-relationships and interactions between consumers and society reflected through changes in consumption and retailing.

Our research

Consumers, Cultures and Societies

Research in this area explores the ethical (or unethical) aspects of everyday consumer behaviour and how consumers respond to corporate social responsibility in a number of contexts including leisure, music and gift-giving; and how contemporary consumers form communities, tribes and subcultures around particular consumption contexts (e.g. politics, art, religion and leisure).


Structural and behavioural change in Retailing has impacts at a series of interlinked levels: globally we explore the unique processes involved in retail internationalisation; nationally the focus is on different retail ‘spaces’ including the high street and isolated communities; and at the level of the firm we explore the management implications of evolving supply chain relationship power dynamics and how the ‘retail brand’ has evolved.

PhD opportunities in Marketing and Retail

The PhD in Marketing and Retail enables students to undertake research in a broad range of topics. Students often conduct their research in collaboration with industry, charities, and governmental bodies with a view to using the findings of their research to improve some aspect of the organisation’s operation. The PhD programme is accredited by the Economic and Social Research Council and is affiliated with the prestigious Business and Management Pathway of the Scottish Graduate School. The Marketing and Retail division has particular strengths in consumer culture and society and retail studies, as well as brands and branding, corporate social responsibility, and marketing in the small and medium sized enterprise. Whether your career aim involves a research or teaching orientated academic career, working in a charity or NGO, or a career in business, the PhD in Marketing can help you achieve your goals.

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