Research/Knowledge Exchange activity

The information below refers to activity within the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and with Partners. For details on external research and knowledge-exchange activity, please check members’ individual profiles.

Guest talks by external speakers

Mr. Ramón Inglada (Heriot-Watt University) Freelance translation: the ins and outs of working with clients and technology November 2019
Mr. Ted Sangster (Chairman of the National Register of Public Service Interpreters) National Register of Public Service Interpreters February 2020
Dr William Hope (University of Salford) Embarking on a PhD and Academic Career August 2020
Xiaopeng Bao (University of Aberdeen) Working as a Freelance Interpreter in the UK August 2020
Elaine Watson (University of Stirling) What Next? August 2020

Talks by members of the Centre

Kester Newill Research-informed learning and teaching of audiovisual translators working between Chinese and English February 2022
Aedín Ni Loingsigh Research presentation (Modern Languages Research Forum): "Roger Casement and the Putumayo Report" August 2020
Anne Stokes Research Presentation (The Centre for Environment Heritage and Policy Seminar Series, University of Stirling): “Can poetry save the earth?: The natural environment in the work of German poet Sarah Kirsch" March 2017
Raquel de Pedro Ricoy

Research presentation (Philosophy: Diplomacy and Human Rights): "'There is no word for rights in my language’. Translation and interpreting as enablers of access to indigenous and human rights in contemporary Peru."

October 2020
Raquel de Pedro Ricoy

Research presentation (Modern Language: SPLAS): “Interpretación y derechos humanos: el rol de las lideresas-intérpretes andinas.”

February 2021

Knowledge exchange with partners

The University of Stirling and Hebei Normal University (HNU) are partners in a joint BA in Interpreting and Translation Studies. Students enrolled on this degree study for three years at HNU (located in north China, near Beijing), and then study the final year at Stirling. The degree also entails lecturers from the University of Stirling making annual visits to HNU to facilitate knowledge exchange activities. Since academic year 2019-2020, I have been responsible for the planning and delivery of two third year modules at HNU, in the field of translation technologies.

The modules involve a series of theoretical lectures, as well as practical training in translation memory systems and subtitle editing software. These teaching placements fill a gap in the provision of translation technologies in the degree during the period of time that students are located in China. Furthermore, the involvement of University of Stirling staff in the delivery of modules in advance of students travelling overseas helps to begin the process of inducting students into their future academic community and experience different styles of learning and teaching. Likewise, it is my hope that when travel restrictions are ended, and I am in a position to deliver my courses in person in China, I will be able to observe how the teaching of interpreting and translation in the early stages of the degree are carried out. The comparison of pedagogies of undergraduate translation training in China and Britain, as well as differences in the respective job markets have been identified as the focus of future scholarship projects.   

Kester Newill, Lecturer in Interpreting/Translation, University of Stirling

Visiting scholars (Hebei Normal University)

Professor Zhengshuan Li – 6 months (January 2015-June 2015)

Yingjun Zhao (Lecturer) – one year (March 2015 – March 2016)

Runjuan Song (Lecturer) – 6 months (February 2019 – August 2019)

Knowledge exchange visits (Hebei Normal University)

Professor Wenxia Liang and Lihui Li (Lecturer) – 30th January 2015-15th February 2015

Associate Professor Jiming Lin, Jing Wu (Lecturer) and Ms Jing Zhang (Lecturer) – 15 January 2015-1 February 2015

Professor Wenjing Duan, Meng Ren (Lecturer): 9 January 2017- 22 January 2017

Professor Zhihuai Gao, Haitao Ren (Lecturer), Yunwen Yang (Lecturer) and Ye Wang (Lecturer) – 26 January 2018-9 February 2018