Why are some hardship fund applications refused?

There are five main reasons why applications might be refused:

  • You did not supply any of the evidence required. We will immediately decline any applications with no evidence present once we have begun to assess them. Please reapply using the evidence list provided to ensure all of the required evidence is in your folder before we assess your new application. If you feel it would be useful, please contact the hub by Live Chat available via your portal or by Phone: +44 (0) 1786 466 022 to book an "application assistance appointment". These appointments will be with a member of our team to guide you through the evidence needed, the application process, and general questions about your application.
  • Not all of the required evidence was present: this is usually one of two reasons. Either: Your funds application spreadsheet was not completed fully, or you were missing a piece of required evidence. Please refer to the email from your assessor for further guidance.
  • You are not eligible for the funds: this can be for several reasons, the main ones being:
    • Did not apply for/take out all of the funding available to you
    • You are not fully enrolled
    • You are still an applicant 
    • You have applied for funds which you are not eligible for (please refer to the main page to see what funds you are eligible for)
  • No deficit found: when we assessed your application, taking into account essential outgoings against your income, there was not a deficit. If your circumstances change in the future, please make a new application.
  • Your application was submitted too late.