Data Access statement

All publications arising from publicly-funded research require a ‘data access statement’ that describes where data (directly supporting the publication) can be found and under what conditions they can be accessed.

The expectation could be satisfied by citing such data in the published research and including in such citations direct links to the data or to supporting documentation that describes the data in detail, how it may be accessed and any constraints that may apply. It is important that any such links are persistent URLs such as DOIs or handle URLs (as used in DataSTORRE).

UKRI give advice on writing Data Access Statements - under Data Management Guidance. See also the helpful guide: 'Writing a data access statement' from University of Bath.

DataSTORRE is the University’s repository for data – you can deposit data or records about data in DataSTORRE. You will be given a DataSTORRE persistent identifier (handle URL) and citation that can be used in your publications’ data statements.  See more about DataSTORRE.