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Year One Alumni Transition Project

students celebrating graduation

Essential support for students

Recognising the emerging evidence surrounding the challenges of transitioning from university to post-university life, the Alumni and Business Engagement Team embarked on a forward-thinking initiative. This project aimed to provide essential support for students as they navigated their exit from university. The concerns encompassed employability, financial pressures, and the formidable dynamics of the graduate job market.

In close collaboration with staff from the Student Skills and Employability (SSE), the team meticulously curated a series of pre-departure events. These events were meticulously structured to cultivate resilience, address post-graduation uncertainties, prompt students to envision their roles as alumni, and instil a lifelong affinity for the University as they embarked on their new journeys. This comprehensive plan comprised four sessions featuring guest speakers, graduate blogs, and monthly signposting bulletins, all tailored to the cohort's needs.

The sessions encompassed:

  • Financial Wisdom: Featuring a speaker from Santander
  • Thriving in the Workplace: Insights from LGBTY Scotland/LGBT health and wellbeing experts
  • Nurturing Mental Well-being Beyond University: Introduced by a mental health adviser from FDAMH
  • Assertiveness and Conflict Resolution Workshop

With the success of this pilot initiative, forthcoming editions will be meticulously shaped by this invaluable feedback. Significantly, the project's deliverables, such as e-newsletters, social media assets, and more, were thoughtfully designed for future reuse, thereby optimising resources

Dual Career Management Workshop for Student Athletes at the University of Stirling

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Customised guidance

In collaboration with the University of Stirling, Dr Hee Jung Hong undertook a transformative project aimed at supporting student-athletes in effectively balancing their academic and athletic commitments. Conversations with retired Olympians and student-athletes highlighted a shared need for customised guidance and workshops to address the specific challenges encountered by student-athletes. Many of these individuals find it challenging to harmonise academic responsibilities with athletic pursuits.

The primary objective of this project was to enrich the experience of student-athletes at the University of Stirling. The initiative comprised workshops offering practical strategies to manage academic and sports commitments.

These workshops included:

  • Mentoring from retired Olympians.
  • Assistance for student-athletes in identifying obstacles.
  • Provision of support for effectively managing their dual roles.

Furthermore, the project aimed to gather insights into student-athletes' experiences and their expectations from the university and faculty members.

Open to all student-athletes, these interactive workshops successfully engaged approximately 30 participants, fostering impactful discussions. The insights gained from these workshops and subsequent focus group discussions formed the basis for a comprehensive support programme tailored to student-athletes. The project's benefits are expected to extend to other students facing similar challenges, offering them early career planning strategies rooted in their personal interests, aspirations, and well-defined action plans.

Technology, Creativity and Transferrable Skills - Digital Media Pitching Event

A tutor teaching a small group of students

Transformative initiative

Inspired by students' feedback and industry professionals' insights, the 'Technology, Creativity and Transferable Skills' event took place in collaboration with the University of Stirling. This transformative initiative aimed to provide Digital Media students with a unique platform to pitch to industry experts, showcase their creative achievements, and cultivate vital networks within Stirling's burgeoning creative and digital media sector.

Crafted in response to students' expressed desire for hands-on projects and deeper industry engagement, this event seamlessly bridged the gap between academia and industry. It directly addressed the need for transferable skills in new graduates, as emphasised by industry experts. The event was notably hosted at the Creative Stirling hub on King Street, a pivotal centre within the local creative community. 

The project objectives achieved:

  • Cultivating Employability Skills: Students honed crucial employability skills through direct interaction with industry professionals and the experience of presenting their concepts.
  • Industry Insights: Valuable insights from industry experts were shared, shedding light on the skills and attributes sought after in the job market.
  • Showcasing Student Excellence: The event spotlighted the outstanding work of Stirling students specializing in social media marketing, illustrating their alignment with industry expectations.
  • Network Expansion: Stirling students enjoyed meaningful networking opportunities with seasoned professionals, fostering connections beyond the university.
  • Strengthening Creative Community: The event brought together key stakeholders from Stirling's creative community, fostering collaborations in teaching, employability, and postgraduate research.

Through this event, students gained essential industry insights, practical exposure, and valuable networking prospects. The initiative aligns seamlessly with the Stirling Fund's mission to support projects that significantly contribute to students' growth and future prospects.

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