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The Stirling Fund helps to support projects that enhance interdisciplinary collaboration. Read more about just some of the projects the Stirling Fund has supported.

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Student Health Behaviours Over Time in Stirling (The SHOTS Study): Enhancing Student Well-Being

Students walking on campus

Encouraging healthy living

Research at the University of Stirling unveiled concerning health behaviour trends among nursing students, including low physical activity levels and a significant proportion engaging in smoking. To address this, a proactive proposal was submitted to the Stirling Fund, seeking to enhance student well-being through health behaviour improvements.

This pilot project pursued two primary objectives:

  • Enhancing Student Experience: Focusing on enriching the overall student journey.
  • Positive Health Behaviour Transformation: Aiming to foster positive changes in health behaviours.

The SHSH008 module, integral to Year 2 nursing education, became the canvas for this project's execution. Up to 30 students took part, dividing into three distinct groups:

  • Walking (Step Count Challenge): Encouraging physical activity through step tracking.
  • Running (Couch to 5K): Guiding students from beginners to completing a 5K run.
  • Smoking Cessation: Providing tailored support for students aiming to quit smoking.

The pilot project garnered remarkable enthusiasm among students, highlighting its potential impact. Named Go-SHOTS, this initiative not only enriched their learning experiences but also fostered engagement in health behaviour improvements. It stands as a testament to our holistic approach to student welfare and the overall student experience, showcasing The Stirling Fund's commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration.

Service User and Carer Involvement in Professional Education: A National Conference Sharing Excellence in Service User and Carer Participation

The Faculty of Social Science's Unity service users' and carers' group orchestrated a national conference with a resolute focus: advocating exemplary practices in integrating service users and carers into professional education. Strengthened by Stirling's UNITY model, which has elevated the Social Work student experience for nearly 12 years, exemplified best practices in the Scottish Inter University Service User and Carer network. The motivation behind this conference was to build upon the successes of the UNITY model on a national scale.

The conference delved into pressing societal developments and their implications, covering:

  • Integration of Health and Social services
  • Navigating Public Service Cuts
  • Human Rights Implementation in Practice and Changing Perspectives
  • Empowerment: Definition and Attainment
  • Creative Approaches Anchored in Evidence
  • Stress Management in High-Pressure Environments

The UNITY model serves both students and graduates by:

  • Showcasing exemplary service user and carer involvement in education
  • Sharing learning insights and developmental concepts
  • Exploring effective integration of service users and carers into courses
  • Addressing challenges and formulating strategic solutions

This conference stands as an embodiment of The Stirling Fund's commitment to pioneering initiatives that enrich education and empower individuals for a stronger society.

TEDx University of Stirling

Ted X University of Stirling

Igniting student passion

TEDx, a globally acclaimed non-profit organisation, thrives on sharing transformative ideas through events and their website. In sync with this spirit, University of Stirling students curated the TEDx University of Stirling conference which ignited student passion and bolstered the University's stature.

Guided by student volunteers, this initiative hosted up to 100 attendees, including staff, speakers, local businesses, and sponsors.

The key goals for this project were:

  • Showcasing University of Stirling's innovative ideas.
  • Elevating the university's reputation as a hub of inspiration.
  • Fostering open idea exchange among students, staff, businesses, speakers, and the community.
  • Motivating student participation and dynamic contributions to campus-wide ideas.
  • Enhancing employability and openness to new concepts for participants and attendees.

This initiative mirrors The Stirling Fund's commitment to enriching the academic landscape and empowering students for a dynamic world.

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