Alumni Ambassadors

One of the most valuable ways our alumni can support the University of Stirling is by volunteering as Alumni Ambassadors. Alumni Ambassadors play an important role in preparing current Stirling students for the world of work and expanding the network of connected graduates around the world.

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Spread the word

We currently have Alumni Ambassadors in more than 25 UK cities and 40 different countries, and we would love for you to join the growing body of graduates who are keeping their connection with the University of Stirling alive through this vibrant forum.

How you can help

You can volunteer in the way that best suits your skills. There are four main roles Alumni Ambassadors perform:

Careers Ambassadors

Share details of your career and answer questions from students seeking professional advice. As an Alumni Ambassador, you may also be able to arrange work placements and internship projects for University of Stirling students, or act as a one-to-one mentor for them.

Recruitment Ambassadors

Act as a point of contact for prospective students in your area interested in studying at Stirling, and attend recruitment fairs in your area to help staff share what makes the University special. You can also be on hand to offer informal advice to alumni moving to your area.

Regional Ambassadors

Encourage reunions between Stirling alumni in your area. Our graduates are spread all over the world, and as an Alumni Ambassador you can play a key role in bringing them together. If you’d be willing to coordinate communications for a new group, we’d love to hear from you.

Guest Lecturers

Share your knowledge with today’s students by coming back to the University as a guest lecturer. University of Stirling graduates have gone on to achieve amazing things in their professional lives, and your experience can educate and inspire those following in your footsteps.

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