Equality, diversity and inclusion initiatives

The Stirling Fund helps to support projects that enhance equality, diversity and inclusion. Read more about just some of the projects the Stirling Fund has supported.

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Multicultural book project

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Enhancing the library's diversity

Initiated by the Library, Information Services, the Multicultural Book Project serves a dual purpose: enhancing the library's diversity and engaging students and staff. This endeavour spotlights authors from various backgrounds, including Black, Asian, Arabic, and other minority ethnic (BAME) identities. Its aim is to broaden our literary horizons, weaving together a tapestry of ethnic experiences within our library.

Students have significantly benefited from this initiative. Its goal is to inform, educate, and dispel misconceptions about diverse cultures and ethnicities in Scotland. It empowers students to explore literature that might otherwise remain undiscovered, nurturing a deeper comprehension of multicultural Scotland and fostering connections across communities. The reverberations of this project extend far beyond the library.

It illuminates both the Stirling Fund and the University as beacons of dedication to ethnic diversity and internationalism. This initiative encourages broader participation from international and overseas students, bolstering their ties with the University and the library while building bridges within the INTO community.

Gender Identity Awareness Training for Outdoor Adventure Instructors

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Pioneering project

In our resolute pursuit of inclusivity, the Stirling Fund stands shoulder-to-shoulder with a pioneering project: funding a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training course in collaboration with Simpson Training and The Outdoors People. This course shines a spotlight on Gender Identity Awareness among Adventure Instructors, enriching the educational journey of Outdoor Education students.

This initiative’s ripples extend beyond the immediate. It touches engaged students, the broader student community, and local neighbourhoods, with the potential to reshape perspectives and attitudes.

The project objectives include:

  • Piloting the CPD course "Gender Identity Awareness Training for Outdoor Adventure Instructors" in partnership with Simpson Training and The Outdoors People, expanding it to encompass all University of Stirling Outdoor Education students.
  • Enhancing the employability of Outdoor Education students, enriching their journey during study and beyond.
  • Elevating awareness and advocating for acceptance of diverse gender identities.
  • Nurturing a safe space for students to challenge misconceptions and explore gender identity.
  • Actively integrating the University's Equality and Diversity Policy into education.

This commitment goes beyond campus borders. The participants exemplify the University's stance in nurturing the well-being of LGBT+ youth and communities. 

World Autism Day

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Celebrating positive attributes

Aligned with World Autism Day, a student-led initiative significantly heightened awareness about autism. This often "invisible" disability profoundly influences individuals' perceptions and interactions with the world. The event was designed to spotlight the two-fold nature of autism, celebrating its positive attributes while simultaneously raising awareness about the challenges faced by individuals living with autism.

The event's central activities took place in the Atrium, where interactive experiential sessions, informative stalls, custom videos, and immersive soundscapes engaged participants. This immersive experience was complemented by events at Macrobert Arts Centre, including a thought-provoking panel discussion.

Beyond the event's immediate impact, its significance endures. Gathering valuable feedback from students, this initiative aspires to establish a lasting legacy that guides forthcoming awareness-raising endeavours and resource development. By reusing resources, future events can be executed without requiring additional financial support.

Overall, this initiative serves as a testament to the University of Stirling's commitment to fostering inclusivity and understanding on campus.

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