The Stirling Fund

The Stirling Fund empowers our students by providing small grants to fund a range of projects that promote their academic, personal and professional development.

The fund relies on donations from generous supporters who are passionate about encouraging Stirling students to develop skills and knowledge that will benefit them now and in the future.

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The Stirling Fund has supported over 370 projects since its inception. Find out how to apply and see how the fund could enhance your student experience. 

Applications are currently closed, please check back in September 2024 for information on how to apply.

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The Stirling Fund has supported hundreds of projects since 2001, and your generous donations will ensure it continues to have a real impact on our students' university experience in future.

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"Higher education is vital to the future and as ever under threat of underfunding. I'm grateful for training I received at the University of Stirling and would like my legacy to the University to be doing good work when I'm no longer able to."

Paul Martin, Stirling Fund Supporter

Project highlights

Take a closer look at just some of the projects The Stirling Fund and its supporters have helped to make possible.

Interdisciplinary collaboration

Through interdisciplinary collaborations fostered by the Stirling Fund, we break down barriers and unite researchers from diverse fields to tackle complex challenges. These collaborations serve to address pressing issues and drive innovation, benefiting not only the student body but also society as a whole.

Professional and personal development

Through innovative pilot projects, we create and test initiatives focused on long-term student development. These projects are carefully designed to address the evolving needs of our students and to foster their personal and professional growth. Successful initiatives are then adopted by the University, ensuring that students have access to effective tools and resources.

Equality, diversity and inclusion initiatives

The University embraces its commitment to supporting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) projects. The Stirling Fund champions EDI initiatives, providing crucial support to LGBTQ+, disability, and ethnic minority communities within the University.

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