Animal Welfare and Ethical Review Body

The University’s Animal Welfare and Ethical Review Body (AWERB) considers all proposals that involve animals in any way – not just those covered by the legislation – and provides ethical advice on standards of animal care, welfare and accommodation.

AWERB membership comprises all stakeholder groups involved in animal research, and includes: a lay, independent chairperson; all named animal care and welfare officers; the named veterinary surgeon; the named training and competence officer; scientific members; the establishment licence holder; a project licence holder; a personal licence holder; and a statistician; among others.

The Panel scrutinises all research proposals involving animals in any way – ensuring compliance with the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 (revised 2013), where appropriate; the principles of Replacement, Reduction and Refinement; and the NC3Rs ARRIVE guidelines. For more information, see our section on The law, licences and the three ‘Rs’.

Our skilled and knowledgeable research staff teach and promote best practice – including the principles of replacement, reduction and refinement – to our overseas partners. In addition, we also work closely with other institutions and partners – through organisations such as the NC3Rs – to develop alternative approaches to replace the use of animals in research, and encourage the sharing of best practice and new ideas.

Members of AWERB consider and scrutinise projects on a weekly basis, and the Panel meets regularly throughout the year – see their schedule of upcoming meetings below. AWERB reports its activities on a biannual basis to the University Research Ethics Committee, which is overseen by the University Court.

For more information, contact AWERB via email.

For staff and students

Staff and students seeking to request ethical approval.

Download a copy of the University of Stirling: Procedures Associated with Animal Experimentation.

Membership of AWERB

The members of the University AWERB are:

  • A lay chair
  • A deputy chair (who is also a Scientific Member)
  • All Named Animal Care and Welfare Officers (NACWOs)
  • The Named Veterinary Surgeon
  • A Named Training and Compliance Officer
  • A Project Licence Holder (who is also a Scientific Member)
  • A Personal Licence Holder (who is also a Scientific Member)
  • A statistician
  • Scientific Members involved in animal experimentation not otherwise represented
  • Director of Research Services 

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