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General University Ethics Panel

The General University Ethics Panel (GUEP) considers most research proposals which do not involve animals, require approval by the NHS Research Ethics Committee or involve physically invasive procedures or intrusive interventions on human participants.

The panel helps to ensure that all research carried out by University of Stirling staff and students is subject to the same high ethical standards we apply to animal or clinical research. Research areas considered by the GUEP might include – but are not limited to – environmental, social or digital research.

Call for Expressions of Interest for Deputy Chair of the General University Ethics Panel (GUEP)

The role of the Deputy Chair is to support the chair in the management of the panel meetings, and to support the membership of the panel in the execution of their responsibilities.  The panel deputy-chairs will also be members of The University Research Ethics Committee (UREC).  The Deputy Chairs have two main areas of responsibility within GUEP, one is to support the Delegated Authorities and panel members in reviewing research applications, particularly those with more complex ethics challenges, which come before GUEP and the other is to support the Chair in managing the process of continual improvement of the ethics system to optimise its functionality and efficiency and maintain ethical standards.

The Deputy Chair will be an academic member of staff at the University who will have: 

  • Experience of ethics review panels as a member, deputy or chair either at the University of Stirling or another Higher Education Institution
  • Experience of research and administration or management within a University
  • Expertise in one or more academic disciplines considered by the panel
  • A demonstrable interest in the University of Stirling and its future development
  • Current or recent experience and involvement in development, submission and execution of research 

Term of office is 3 years, this can be extended for a further two periods of 3 years if approved by UREC.   

Expressions of interest should be submitted to the Lay Chair of GUEP at, copied to  by midnight on Sunday 17th March

Please include an up-to-date summary CV and supporting statement outlining your suitability for this role.

Potential applicants are encouraged to contact Marilyn Moore, Lay Chair of GUEP or Professor Hannah Buchanan-Smith, Deputy Chair of GUEP with any queries:

Marilyn Moore   +44 (0)1877 330511
Hannah Buchanan-Smith   +44 (0)1786 467674
Helen Cheyne  +44 (0)1786 466289
William Munro        +44 (0)1786 467982



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