Research ethics and integrity

The University of Stirling is committed to the highest possible ethical standards. We promote a culture of best practice and integrity in all our research through the core values of honesty, rigour, open communication, care, and respect. To safeguard the interests of researchers, participants and funding bodies, research within the University only proceeds after strict scrutiny by one of our three internal Research Ethics Panels.

Read more about the research values we hold to in The Concordat to Support Research Integrity.  

Upholding ethical standards

Animal research at the University of Stirling

As part of every research project we undertake, we ensure the highest possible care and ethical standards, promoting a culture of best practice.

NHS, Invasive or Clinical Research (NICR)

Governing any health/patient research requiring approval by the NHS Research Ethics Committee and/or taking place with NHS staff, patients or on NHS premises.

General University Ethics Panel (GUEP)

The GUEP considers most research proposals which do not involve animals, require approval by the NHS Research Ethics Committee or involve physically invasive procedures or intrusive interventions on human participants.

Research governance

Find out how our structure promotes a culture of research integrity.


Every student dissertation should be considered for ethical implications.

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