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Our COVID-19 research

Our reputation for research that makes a difference has positioned us on the frontline of the UK’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re leading major projects to consider the effects of the virus on society, and using our expertise to search for answers with impact.

We're exploring how the pandemic has impacted children, carers, support workers, people with an alcohol or drugs dependency, those experiencing homelessness, and the wider community.

COVID-19 research projects

We’re leading a wide range of major COVID-19 research projects to explore the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic and inform effective response strategies. Our projects have attracted funding from the Scottish Government’s rapid coronavirus research fund, the Economic and Social Research Council and the UK Research and Innovation rapid response fund. Explore our projects to find out more about our latest COVID-19 research.

Local authority spending

The University of Stirling is launching major new research to investigate how local authority spending across the UK can deliver maximum benefit to communities in the wake of COVID-19.

COVID fear

A multi-disciplinary team of researchers at the University of Stirling is launching a new study to consider how the fear of COVID-19 is impacting the lives of the over-50s, after receiving a major funding grant.

Voluntary action

Experts from across academia and the voluntary sector are to carry out a major research project into the role of voluntary action in the pandemic – exploring the challenges and making recommendations to inform planning for future crises.

Gambling behaviour

A major new study has been launched to understand how the COVID-19 lockdown has impacted gambling behaviour, including among potentially ‘high risk’ groups.


The impact of the unprecedented shift towards full-time home-based work, brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, is the focus of a major new University of Stirling study.

Vulnerable children

Protecting the safety and wellbeing of vulnerable children and young people in Scotland, during the COVID-19 pandemic, is the focus of a new University of Stirling study.

Restrictions on licensed premises

A new University of Stirling study is seeking to understand how the easing of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions on licensed premises can be effectively managed to protect emergency services.

Impact on drug users

Understanding the health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on people who use drugs in Scotland is the focus of a new University of Stirling study.

Ambulance services

A new University of Stirling study will assess the challenges faced by paramedics during the COVID-19 pandemic – and consider how their decisions impact patients with the virus.

Social distancing on older adults

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on social contact, loneliness, wellbeing and physical activity in older adults will be the focus of a new University of Stirling study.

App development

Learn more about the development of an app that will enable informal carers to receive peer support for their caring practices, and access targeted, credible, and accurate learning resources, while minimising feelings of isolation.

Homelessness workers

Find out more about a University study that aims to help inform future service provision for homeless people, and to identify specific support needs for staff working in this challenging environment.

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