Request ethical approval

If you're a member of University staff or a student, you can apply for ethical approval through the University's Ethical Review Manager.

Animal Welfare and Ethical Review Body

Request approval for research that involves animals in any way.

Submission process and deadlines for AWERB

The AWERB panel meets regularly throughout the year to consider ethical approval applications. See their schedule of upcoming meetings below.

Applications are reviewed weekly, we aim to have an outcome within 10 working days. Please submit your application through ERM.


Meeting dates and submission deadlines
Meeting date
10 Dec 2021 10:00 - 12:00
18 March 2022 10:00 - 12:00
10 June 2022 10:00 - 12:00
16 Sept 2022 10:00 - 12:00
09 Dec 2022 10:00 - 12:00


NHS, Invasive or Clinical Research

For health/patient research and other research involving physically invasive procedures or intrusive interventions on human participants.

Submission process and deadlines for NICR

Additional Approval

Approval through NICR should proceed as outlined below.

Staff applying to IRAS

Staff applying through IRAS for ethical approval of their study should complete and submit an IRAS application form. Staff do not require NICR approval before they submit through IRAS.

Once submitted staff should also lodge details of their IRAS application through the Ethics Review Manager (ERM) where they will be asked to upload a PDF copy of their IRAS application.


Students should complete an IRAS application form, but not submit it. Instead, they should save a copy of the IRAS PDF form and submit it through ERM for review by the NICR Panel. Only once NICR have granted approval for submission through IRAS should the application be submitted.

You must discuss with the appropriate NHD R&D Office as to whether NHS R&D approval ONLY is required, or whether NHS R&D and NHS REC approval is required, and seek guidance from them as to the subsequent application process.

The NICR panel meets regularly throughout the year to consider ethical approval applications. See their schedule of upcoming meetings and submission deadlines below.

Application and meeting deadlines

 Applications due


Meeting date        

25 Oct 2021 09 Nov 2021
29 Nov 2021 14 Dec 2021
10 Jan 2022 25 Jan 2022
07 Feb 2022 22 Feb 2022
07 Mar 2022 22 Mar 2022
11 Apr 2022 26 Apr 2022
09 May 2022 24 May 2022
13 June 2022 28 June 2022
08 Aug 2022 23 Aug 2022
05 Sept 2022 20 Sept 2022
03 Oct 2022 18 Oct 2022
31 Oct 2022 15 Nov 2022
28 Nov 2022 13 Dec 2022


General University Ethics Panel

For all other research which has ethical considerations, for example social, digital, environmental.

Faculty/Division contacts

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Submit via ERM

Institute of Aquaculture

Biological and Environmental Sciences

Computing Science and Maths


Faculty of Social Sciences


Stirling Management School

Submit via ERM

Health Sciences

Submit via ERM

Submission deadlines

The GUEP panel meets regularly throughout the year to consider ethical approval applications. See their schedule of upcoming meetings and submission deadlines below.

Application deadlines and meeting dates
Applications due (5pm)Meeting date
15 Oct 2021 02 Nov 2021
19 Nov 2021 07 Dec 2021
31 Dec 2022 18 Jan 2022
28 Jan 2022 15 Feb 2022
25 Feb 2022 15 Mar 2022
25 Mar 2022 12 Apr 2022
29 Apr 2022 17 May 2022
03 Jun 2022 21 Jun 2022
01 Jul 2022 19 Jul 2022
29 Jul 2022 16 Aug 2022
26 Aug 2022 13 Sept 2022
23 Sept 2022 11 Oct 2022
21 Oct 2022 08 Nov 2022
18 Nov 2022 06 Dec 2022


Right of appeal

Researchers wishing to appeal against the decision of one of the Research Ethics Panels (REP) should, in the first instance, appeal the decision with the Chair of the REP. The Chair will review the reasoning for the decision and allow the applicant to present further arguments in favour of the proposal. With agreement from the Deputy Chair the initial decision may be altered. If the issue cannot be satisfactorily resolved at the REP level, the appellant should appeal in writing to the Committee Manager of the University Research Ethics Committee ( within 10 working days of receiving the REP decision. 

Details of the UREC appeals process are described in the Research Ethics Review Appeals Procedure

Principles, guidance and forms

The University of Stirling is committed to ensuring that all research conducted under our auspices is in accordance with the appropriate ethical, legal and professional frameworks, obligations and standards. The University’s ethical review process exists to ensure that our research activities continue to fulfil high ethical standards as well as legal obligations and safety standards.

As part of our commitment to ensuring all research carried out at, or through, the University of Stirling meets our ethical standards, all student dissertations - both undergraduate and postgraduate taught - are considered for ethical implications.

The University’s guidelines for research ethics committees draw on the requirements of a number of institutions including; the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Framework for Research Ethics, the provisions of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 (ASPA), the British Psychological Society, the UK Research Integrity Office (UKRIO) and other institutions to which the University is accountable. Due cognisance of both University and discipline-specific ethical standards and norms for practice-based research should be taken.

Approved protocols

If using one of the below approved protocols please apply to GUEP (General University Ethics Panel) - unless the research involves NHS patients or other invasive procedures, in which case apply to NICR. Please make reference to the approved protocol that you will be using within your application for approval.

Protocol-EEG-Complete Guidance

Protocol-Use of Research Tokens for Undergraduate Students

Protocol-BioPAC/Physiological recordings for psychological research


If you will be undertaking research within the University's Kindergarten please refer to their established and approved procedures - these are for internal staff and students only. 

If using one of the below approved protocols please apply to the University's NICR (NHS, Invasive and Clinical Research) review panel making reference to the approved protocol in your application. 

Protocol-Max Strength Test

Protocol-Muscle Biopsy

Protocol-Urine/Blood Sampling

Protocol-Alcohol consumption in Adults Volunteers


Protocol Adipose Tissue Biopsy

Please note that the University's ethics panels welcome the use of protocols where appropriate. Please put forward protocols for approval to the relevant panel. 

Contact us

If you have a general question about our ethics policies and procedures, please get in touch.