The State Of Sport Photojournalism: Concepts, practice and challenges



Haynes R, Hadland A & Lambert P (2017) The State Of Sport Photojournalism: Concepts, practice and challenges. Digital Journalism, 5 (5), pp. 636-651.

Based on a global survey of photojournalism and case studies of recent transformations in the use of photography in sport, this paper critically analyses current professional practices of sport photojournalists focusing on the contemporary challenges faced by this industry. Rhetoric proclaiming the death of the photographer in the age of video technology and self-mass communication of digital photographs has presented a major challenge to the survival of photographers and photography as a professional practice in news media. In the specific field of sport photojournalism, photographers have faced added challenges of accreditation to sport with the selective access to sporting venues or events through commercial licensing of “preferred media partners” and increasing management of “image rights” and anti-piracy measures. This has occurred at a time when sport images and the digital distribution of sporting images are greater than ever. The data for this article are taken from a World Press Photo Foundation–University of Stirling longitudinal project on photojournalism and represents the views and experiences of over 700 photographers who are engaged in sports photojournalism.

amateur; digital; photography; photojournalism; sport

Digital Journalism: Volume 5, Issue 5

FundersWorld Press Photo
Publication date31/12/2017
Publication date online19/10/2016
Date accepted by journal28/09/2016
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