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Enabling Quantitative Data Analysis through e-Infrastructure

Tan KLL, Lambert P, Turner KJ, Blum JM, Gayle V, Jones S, Sinnott R & Warner G (2009) Enabling Quantitative Data Analysis through e-Infrastructure. Social Science Computer Review, 27 (4), pp. 539-552.

This paper discusses how quantitative data analysis in the social sciences can engage with and exploit an e-Infrastructure. We highlight how a number of activities which are central to quantitative data analysis, referred to as 'data management', can benefit from e-infrastructural support. We conclude by discussing how these issues are relevant to the DAMES (Data Management through e-Social Science) research Node, an ongoing project that aims to develop e-Infrastructural resources for quantitative data analysis in the social sciences.

Data Management; Quantitative Data; e-Infrastructure; Workflows; Metadata; Social sciences Information services; Information storage and retrieval systems Social sciences Management; Database management; Computational grids (Computer systems)

Social Science Computer Review: Volume 27, Issue 4

Author(s)Tan, Koon Leai Larry; Lambert, Paul; Turner, Kenneth J; Blum, Jesse Michael; Gayle, Vernon; Jones, Simon; Sinnott, Richard; Warner, Guy
Publication date30/11/2009
Publication date online08/04/2009

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