Teaching, Learning and Play in the Outdoors 2020 (TLPO) - A Scottish Cross-sectional Sequential Survey

Funded by NatureScot (Formerly Scottish Natural Heritage).

This project sets out to survey current school and pre-school outdoor learning provision in 2022 and compare findings against the 2006 baseline and 2014 survey.

The previous surveys (2006 baseline and 2014) were conducted by teams led by Dr Mannion and have been used in Government policy support and in policy reviews. The last survey completed by Stirling (Mannion et al, 2014) is available here:

The new survey is to be conducted in May and June of 2022, ten years after the publication of Curriculum for Excellence through Outdoor Learning. The final report and associated research will be due 31 October 2020. It needs to detail: ¥ a review of the policy context in the years since 2014, relating this to any survey findings; ¥ a review of relevant literature/ research undertaken since 2014, relating this to any survey findings; ¥ summary and analysis of the survey of schools and pre-schools, outlining the changes that have taken place in the provision of formal outdoor learning since 2014, and potential reasons for any changes; ¥ recommendations for the future, with justifications.

Total award value £30,632.08

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Professor Gregory Mannion

Professor Gregory Mannion

Professor, Education

Professor Paul Lambert

Professor Paul Lambert

Professor, Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology

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