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A review of data sources for studying social interactions between the incumbents of occupations



Griffiths D & Lambert P (2011) A review of data sources for studying social interactions between the incumbents of occupations. ESRC research project ‘Social Networks and Occupational Structure’, Technical Paper 2. CAMSIS: Social Interaction and Stratification Scales.

In the ESRC project ‘Social Networks and Occupational Structure' (or ‘SoNOcS',, we are interested in exploring empirical patterns ofsocial connections between occupations. We focus upon the incumbents ofoccupational positions, and seek to obtain data on the occupations held by otherindividuals with whom meaningful social connections are measured. This style ofanalysis has a long history in projects which explore social interaction distancesbetween occupations on the basis of patterns of friendship, marriage or cohabitation(e.g. Chan, 2010a; Laumann & Guttman, 1966; Prandy, 1990; Stewart, Prandy, &Blackburn, 1973; Stewart, Prandy, & Blackburn, 1980). Our own plans are to usethese data resources to study average patterns of social distance between occupations,and network patterns in social connections between occupations.

Title of seriesESRC research project ‘Social Networks and Occupational Structure’
Number in seriesTechnical Paper 2
Publication date online05/07/2011
PublisherFaculty of Applied Social Science, University of Stirling
Publisher URL…2_sonocs_1_1.pdf

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Dr David Griffiths

Dr David Griffiths

Senior Lecturer, Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology

Professor Paul Lambert

Professor Paul Lambert

Professor, Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology

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