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Development of a Grid Enabled Occupational Data Environment



Lambert P, Tan KLL, Turner KJ, Gayle V, Prandy K & Sinnott R (2006) Development of a Grid Enabled Occupational Data Environment. In: Procter R (ed.) Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on e-Social Science. Second International Conference on e-Social Science, Manchester, UK, 28.06.2006-30.06.2006. Manchester: National Centre for e-Social Science, pp. 1-12.

The GEODE project is developing user-oriented Grid-based services, accessible via a portal, for social scientists who require and use 'occupational information' within their research. There are many complexities associated with social scientists’ use of data on individual occupations. These arise for example from the availability of numerous alternative occupational classifications, and the use of different occupational definitions across countries. This paper describes how the GEODE project is developing an online service which acts as a facility supporting access to numerous occupational information resources. This is achieved through an integrated Grid service which uses a Globus Toolkit 4 infrastructure and OGSA-DAI (Database Access and Integration) middleware to provide the necessary data indexing and matching services, accessed through a user-oriented front-end portal (using GridSphere). The paper discusses issues in the implementation and organization of these services.

Publication date31/12/2006
PublisherNational Centre for e-Social Science
Publisher URL
Place of publicationManchester
ConferenceSecond International Conference on e-Social Science
Conference locationManchester, UK

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Professor Paul Lambert

Professor Paul Lambert

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Professor KEN Turner

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