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Children of International Migrants in Europe: Comparative Perspectives



Penn R & Lambert P (2009) Children of International Migrants in Europe: Comparative Perspectives. Basingstoke: Palgrave.

What is happening to young adults in contemporary Europe? How central is ethnic background to their prospects and lives? This book provides a comparative analysis of the situation of over 2500 children of international migrants in Europe. Focussing on Britain, France and Germany, it examines nine ethnic/nationality groups including Pakistanis and Indians in Britain, Magrebians in France and Turks in Germany. The book includes new empirical material on language use, educational experiences, labour market entry, political incorporation and cultural behaviour of young adults in these three countries based upon a unique comparative international survey. Roger Penn and Paul Lambert offer an antidote to the hysteria surrounding international migrants that has become increasingly evident in the media since 2001. Their findings indicate that there is a widespread process of assimilation underway in each of the three countries, alongside the maintenance of cultural and religious identities associated with parents' country of birth.

Sociology; Race and Ethnicities; Sociology of Childhood, Youth and Age; Ageing and Gerontology; Social Policy; Race, Ethnicity and Social Policy

Publication date31/08/2009
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Place of publicationBasingstoke

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Professor Paul Lambert

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